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Sunday Feb 13, 2022

This week, the US consumer inflation rate hit 7.5%. If this inflation rate persists, US interest rates could rise and US stocks could fall for several years. Chris and Robert discuss how some investors are positioning to protect themselves from a price collapse.

Sunday Sep 05, 2021

Chris and Robert look at valuations and regulatory risks for beaten-down China stocks, including the mysterious disappearance of Chinese billionaire Jack Ma and the imminent threat of delisting from US stock exchanges.
Disclaimer: Wall Street Petting Zoo is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as financial advice.

Tuesday May 25, 2021

We dig into the reasons behind last week's cryptocurrency selloff and nerd out on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized finance with special guest Carl Youngblood. Learn why Ethereum is Carl's coin of choice and he remains optimistic about the space.

Sunday Apr 04, 2021

Chris and Robert dig into how Bill Hwang's investment fund Archegos Capital blew up a 10 billion-dollar private fortune in under ten days and shaved off a third of the market cap of Switzerland's second biggest bank.

Sunday Apr 04, 2021

Chris and Robert recorded an unscripted conversation about what's next for the podcast, including going to a monthly rather than weekly format. Hit us up on social media and let us know what you want!

Sunday Feb 28, 2021

Robert discusses how rising Treasury bond yields affected the market this week and how a third vaccine and a new COVID relief bill could turn things around.

Sunday Feb 21, 2021

Chris and Robert talk money printing, Modern Monetary Theory, interest rates, and inflation expectations in the aftermath of the 2020 stimulus binge!

Sunday Jan 31, 2021

Chris and Robert hit the news highlights and then dive into the market mechanics of "short selling" and "short squeezes" to explain why Game Stop went to $325 per share this week. Break out the popcorn, because this is one to watch.

Sunday Jan 24, 2021

This Week at the Zoo, 2021 is on pace to be a record year for S&P 500 corporate earnings as the vaccine rollout proceeds apace and the housing market runs hot, hot, hot. Chris and Robert float a few trading ideas on Apple, IBM, and the EWU United Kingdom ETF.

Saturday Jan 16, 2021

This Week at the Zoo, we interview Passiv's director of growth Nicholas McCullum about ETFs, mutual funds, direct indexing, algorithms, AI, and the future of the passive investing space.
Passiv Website - https://www.passiv.com
Passiv Twitter - https://twitter.com/Passivteam
Email - nick.mccullum@passiv.com

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