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Saturday Jan 09, 2021

This Week at the Zoo, Chris and Robert talk bubbles, economic data, and what US economic policy might look like in 2021. With Democrats in control of the Senate after winning a runoff election in Georgia, future stimulus must be weighed against the possibility of a corporate tax hike.

Sunday Jan 03, 2021

The S&P 500 returned over 18% this year, amid one of the worst single-year economic contractions in modern history. We discuss why it happened, whether we're in a bubble, and what the best investing opportunities for the coming year might be.

Saturday Dec 19, 2020

This Week at the Zoo, we saw warning signs in the data on jobs, retail sales, and manufacturing as Covid cases and deaths set new records in the US. The S&P 500 rose anyway, thanks to optimism around vaccine rollout and federal stimulus negotiations.

Saturday Dec 12, 2020

Mixed markets this week as stimulus negotiations struggle, but the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines proceeds apace. Energy stocks are soaring amid US-Iran tensions. And Robert proposes a new stock market acronym: the TAD stocks (Tesla, AirBnB, and Doordash) are just a tad overvalued.

Sunday Dec 06, 2020

Chris and Robert dig into the financials on airline stocks. Are they trading at a discount due to the pandemic? Will a new bailout send them soaring higher? Which airlines are in the best financial shape, and when might their earnings recover to pre-pandemic levels? We tackle these questions by a listener's special request.

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